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Defying The Odds: The Success Stoy of Tony Ramji and The Jenah Plaza Project

Amidst the recession, Tony Ramji, CEO of The Victory Real Estate Group, defied the odds and created Jenah Plaza, a symbol of resilience. With determination and unwavering belief, he transformed a concept into reality. Overcoming skepticism, Tony and his team leased 100% of the spaces at Jenah Plaza, surpassing market standards. Their success continued as they acquired more properties and filled each space, even during economic downturns. Recently, they sold the fully occupied Jenah Plaza, leaving a thriving legacy. This journey serves as a beacon of hope in a challenging world.


Amidst the throes of the recession, a time when developers faced imminent bankruptcy and foreclosure, Tony Ramji, our visionary CEO, embarked on an audacious endeavor. With unwavering determination, he not only weathered the storm but also unveiled the power of resilience through his remarkable project – the creation of Jenah Plaza. This endeavor was a testament to his unwavering belief in the face of adversity.

Jenah Plaza, named after his daughter Jenah, which translates to "heaven" in Arabic, began as a concept during challenging times. Tony Ramji and The Victory Real Estate Group's strategic acquisition and development of this property would soon become a symbol of triumph against all odds.

Taking on multiple roles, from broker to general contractor, their unwavering commitment shone through, even utilizing a humble, electricity-free trailer as their office space. With tenacity as their driving force, they personally engaged with potential tenants, leaving no space unoccupied.In the face of skepticism from notable brokers, who questioned the project's feasibility, Tony Ramji and the team remained resolute. Their unshakeable conviction bore fruit as they achieved a remarkable feat – leasing 100% of the spaces in Jenah Plaza at rates surpassing market standards.

Yet, the team’s journey didn't halt with Jenah Plaza's triumph. Their trajectory expanded as they acquired land at Riverside and Royal, shaping a series of thriving retail spaces. Through strategic acquisitions, they added further retail properties at Riverside and other cross streets, successfully filling each space. They confronted formidable obstacles, navigating a landscape marred by economic downturn. The turbulence of the time saw businesses grappling to survive, but their adaptability and steadfast faithin their vision propelled them toward success.

In a remarkable turn, The Victory Real Estate Group sold the fully occupied Jenah Plaza building this year. Nestled in Irving, Texas, themulti-tenant retail center boasts a diverse array of internet-resistant, service-oriented businesses including Envision Imaging, Studio Salons, and Inchin's Bamboo Garden. It's clear that Jenah Plaza's thriving legacy will endure well into the future. This accomplishment is a testament to Victory Real Estate Group's prowess and their indelible impact on the community.

In a world fraught with challenges this type of journey stands as a beacon of hope.‍All information provided has been obtained from sources deemed reliable.  However, neither Victory Real Estate Group nor any of its brokers, agents, employees, officers, directors or affiliated companies (collectively, Victory Real Estate Group and Related Parties) have made an independent investigation of the Information or the Information sources, and no warranty or representation is made by Victory Real Estate Group and Related Parties as to the accuracy of such Information. The Information is submitted subject to the possible errors or omissions, and no person or organization should rely on the Information, unless such person or organization has conducted and independent investigation to confirm the accuracy thereof.

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Ela Valenzuela
Partner Editor Victory
June 4, 2024

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